Monday, May 24, 2010

A Walk In The Park

This is Charlie with his new 'master' for the afternoon walking around the Lake at Mount Stewart yesterday

now you behave yourself 

I'm in charge!

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Mount Stewart

Busy week making stuff - We have Mount Stewart Garden and Craft fair this weekend. 

We've been doing it since about 2004, not every year, but whenever we go,we enjoy it - it's a great event in a wonderful place!

Well worth a visit. Mount Stewart has one of the finest gardens, don't miss Tir Na Nog by the lakeside. 

With a whole host of Craft, food and garden related stalls, There will be lots of other things to see and do this weekend.

The weather is set fair; so make it a date!

Thursday, May 13, 2010

21st Century Man � One Straw: Be The Change

21st Century Man � One Straw: Be The Change

Looking around the internet for ideas and came across this blog; some really practical and thought provoking stuff.

Read this article to see what I mean

Sunday, May 09, 2010

Tollymore National Outdoor Centre

We went to the AGM of Bryansford Village Committee yesterday (we are of course now only 'honorary members'!)

The meeting was particularly memorable as it was held in the newly completed Tollymore National Outdoor Centre.

This is a truly landmark building worthy of any setting in the world, and made even more spectacular by it's setting in the Forest at the foot of the Mournes.

It was heartening to hear that the centre was fully booked this week.

A real triumph for Consarc Design, and brilliant to see vision elegance and quality all put into practice

Wednesday, May 05, 2010

The Mound of Down

I'm looking forward to what's become a Wednesday afternoon tradition for Charlie and me.

Elaine teaches drama in Downpatrick most Wednesdays, and we go for a walk around the Mound Of Down.

This is a spectacular earthwork, and least 2,000 years old situated right next to the town behind the Down Museum and near to the Cathedral.

There are deep ditches surrounding the site, and what could be a Motte inside. Great views can be had of Downpatrick, The Mournes, the Quoile river and Slieve Croob.

Here's some pictures taken last week:

Check out the Guardian's interactive National carbon calculator - can you cut UK emissions? | Environment |

The Guardian has produced this fascinating tool to see what drives our carbon emissions, and what the effects of policy lifestyle changes have. It is really worth a look.

Interactive: National carbon calculator - can you cut UK emissions? | Environment |

Sunday, May 02, 2010

Carlingford - and beyond

Another Sunday in Carlingford

A great day. Carlingford has the feel of a place apart - the natural landscape of mountain and sea, coupled with the historic buildings of old Carlingford creates a special atmosphere. If you've not been before, or not gone back recently, then I really recommend a visit. Even the journey to Carlingford is inspiring.

Coupled with that is the cosy, informal atmosphere of St Michael's Hall where the Food and Craft Fair is Held on the first Sunday of the month (and other 'high days and holidays')

The organisation is great, there's always a selection of good food and craft artisans at their stalls, from whom you can get a nourishing snack (that's us!), that gift that you were always looking for and something to make the night's tea really special.

It's well worth a visit - and that's not just marketing hype.

The next one is on Sunday 6th June 2010 12pm - 6pm

It's all a far cry from the recent news of the continuing debt crisis, which is a big deal for every country and their citizens, but particularly for Greece - the current 'basket case'. Don't be surprised when it is not the only one.

I'm not alone in thinking "We ordinary people have been put into enormous debt by our governments in order to rescue the broken financial institutions. Now they are bouncing back, paying huge bonuses, and 'downgrading' whole countries for being too far in debt"

I know it's far more complicated than that (what would I know, I'm just a craftsperson) But everyone should know - That way madness lies.

It has and will be said far more eloquently by others. I recommend the interview with David Harvey on thinking allowed on BBC radio 4 (always a good listen)

Even more thought provoking material is in his lecture at the LSE given last week.

No pictures for this post except in your head!