Tuesday, October 04, 2011

Small Gems - Treasure Hunt 1959

In a small suitcase up in the top room, we found a collection of things - 

  • a pair of slippers,  
  • Last of the Mohicans the book by James Fenimore Cooper
  • The Easter Rebellion a book by Max Caulfield
  • some Christmas wrapping paper
  • 3 sheets of paper detailing a treasure Hunt from 1959

little treasures

very well thumbed - and much repaired, this book is still in print.
Max Caulfield was a founder member and head of news at ITN

Leitrim Presbyterian Church Treasure Hunt 11th June 1959

Starting near Leitrim ranging some 58 miles, as far as Killough and Ardglass, this treasure hunt (by car) started at 7.30pm and ended 3 hours later 10.30pm, no doubt followed by refreshments, a long evening!

entry fee 5 shillings - at least!

carefully researched - and in rhyme
wouldn't it be great fun to try this now?

 We will transcribe it some time and giver it a whirl - I wonder what landmarks are gone and what still stands?