Saturday, January 04, 2014

Spring to Summer 2013. Our Year part two

In the three years since we arrived in Benraw, we have never had a summer like it! The weather was just stunning, making all the events even more special.


foundations for our new greenhouse - a gift from Mary & Gary!

first steps with sourdough bread

rediscovering The White House, Annalong


sunny garden, with Eleanor on the far seat

potatoes in the new veg patch

on the lawn outside the gallery

sunset around the solstice


making felt waistcoats again!

cottage roses rejuvenated in the front garden

foxgloves by the picnic lawn

first potato harvest


yarnbombers strike again!

Benraw Creative Convivium

on the Bank Holiday Weekend, our first 'event' like this, and a wonderful success thanks to all our friends! These lovely pictures from Anne

September to December to come in part three