Tuesday, December 21, 2010

The Shortest Day

An eventful day for being so short. 

We were just getting ready to venture out into the white wild world  to get (yet more) provisions and post the very last Christmas parcel, when John thought he would have a slice of toast (just in case we ended up in a snowdrift and breakfast in town was postponed!) 

Down went the slice into the toaster - followed by a loud click - and off went the heat. The trip no doubt. This is not a rare event, and easily fixed by a 'trip' to the electricity box. Not today, the trip would not stay down; it's minus 10 outside, and we have no heat. At this point the prospect of 'decamping' looms large. We are very lucky to have kind friends who have offered us all places to stay over Christmas, we are touched by their generosity, but really want to be HOME for Christmas. 

After much quiet panic and drama (mainly from John), and careful advice over the phone from Robert, who knows about these things, the thing was fixed. Hooray! another night in the freezer beckons!

Kate and Eleanor safely tucked up in the van, Charlie in charge of security, we went off into Newcastle to do our Yuletide duty and get the 'stuff'.

Came back to a glowing sunset heralding another beautiful and record breaking night - sitting at the blog now with a bottle of Guinness whilst Top of The Pops Two plays in the background. Who says there isn't a Santa Claus !

A couple pictures from Kate:

One of three robins about today - I'll be looking for a blank space on our Christmas Cards!

The sinking sun bookends another eventful day; the journey to spring and new life begins here

21 December 2010

It was minus 14 degrees C last night, our coldest so far. Water pipes not frozen though thanks to getting up at 4am to run them through - going to take the car out today, whilst they are white with snow and ice, the roads seem passable. We have seen the dizzying volume of 5 cars this morning already! With (only) 2 miles to go to get to Leitrim and the 'luxury' of gritted roads all should be OK!

Dawn on the shortest day - it's all going to get better from here!

It's a race between the freezing fog and the sun, at this point, the sun is just ahead