Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Felting at the Turnip House

many thanks to Frances, Margaret, Betty and Anne  for a great day's felting. The sun shone throughout. making the work go cheerily by. 

Included at no extra charge, was a Red Kite flypast, fantastic!

Here are the beautiful outcomes:

samplers - out of this world!

in the flow

iPad pouch #1

iPad pouch #2

Bag with flap

small bag

bag with flap

Scrabo Quarries

Meanwhile, whilst Elaine and her group are working hard in Newtownards town Hall, Charlie and I went for a walk in Scrabo Country Park 

It was a stunning day, and the dramatic scenery was more than a match for the weather - fantastic place, go see it if you can, we'll be back!

Scrabo Tower peeps over the Quarry edge

The view out across Comber estuary and Strangford Lough

lingering fruits

from footpath to airstrip: Newtownards Airport

in the South Quarry

one man ....

into the North Quarry

details of funghi

along the old railway

the North Quarry - positively Alpine!

Newtownards. Elaine is in the Arts Centre, the tower on the right
(built out of Scrabo stone by the way)

Happy Boy!

North Quarry from the viewpoint

Charlie spots - friend.. or foe?

The south Quarry showing rock intrusions

The tower at the South Quarry