Friday, January 23, 2015

Winter Scenes

We love it when the snows come - mainly!

This January we had the best of all worlds, snowy mountains, crystal clear blue skies, yet mostly snow free roads.

I've just put a gallery of pictures on our website, and thought that it was too good an opportunity to miss to put them here as well!

Charlie loves the snow

dramatic skies

through the backthorn

Elaine enjoys the snow!

willows and Slievenaboley

extremely sticky snow

not too deep

roads passable for the hardy travellers

our 'micro snowman' made by our our friend Conor at the weekend!

up towards Fofanny and Spelga

the shoulders of Donard and Commedagh

A beautiful end to a lovely weekend

vapor trails at sunset

the Turnip House courtyard

our dramatic Mournes skyline - fantastic!