Sunday, January 09, 2011


We've been working on the house this week - clearing away the last of the dead ivy from the front. A difficult task, 30 years of growth means that the ivy has trunks the size of tree trunks!

After a few days hacking and pulling we have at last cleared the front of the house, which has not seen the light of day since the late 1970s

the ivy is dead now, but still clinging on!

revealed again - in all its glory

The second, (left hand) date plaque can now be seen again, made from plaster work and tiny sea shells.
We understand that these mark extensive improvements to the house, possibly when the cottage was made into a two storey house.
Both plaques are in fantastically good condition.

We've left the ivy on the slates; it's very possible they are the only structural component left up there in parts! These can be taken down when the slates are salvaged.

We are pleased with what we've done. This also means we can get a better look at the flower beds:

looking through the garden gate from the lower courtyard

from the upper courtyard

The Front Gate - almost there!

look at the beautiful edges to the flowerbeds

Signs of Spring

Another gift that the house has revealed - Elaine found a document in the house showing an aerial photograph from the 1960s:

Former Glories!
Can anyone identify the car to the right of the house?