Tuesday, July 23, 2019

The Crush; not as you might Expect.

When Turnip House moved up to the Dromara Hills, we found ourselves in the remains of what was once a thriving family farm in the County Down Heartlands.

Abandoned around 1977, the magnificent house and outbuildings had fallen into disuse and collapse.

We loved it!

The back-to-back cow byre was just the perfect place for a Gallery tea room, and eight years on, it's at the heart of what we do.

Out on the Mournes-facing 'terrace' (as we would now call it!), is a small space, bounded by concrete walls, we think this would have served as an agricultural 'crush', where the livestock could be corralled for inspection or treatment. 

We kept it, adding and amending in places. 

It retains it's character, but has new purpose.

Now, for us and our visitors, it's the perfect place to take in the evening sun, the atmosphere and Spirit up here in the Dromara Hills.

Here's some pics I took this evening.

It's yours to share every day this Summer, up to the end of the August Bank Holiday.

We're also open every weekend throughout the year.

lichens on the wall, shadows of Aquilegia seed heads

Feverfew, self sown in the cracks

seed heads

iron, stone, plant

planting softens the walls

evening sunshine

one of Charlie's favourite spots!

and always, The Majestic Mournes