Wednesday, November 06, 2013

Your Place And Mine - On the Radio

What enchants us about this place - this area - is it's character. A sense of place, history, and human endeavour. 

Throughout the millennia people have worked these lands, celebrated life, hoped and strived, developed their livelihoods, in order to better their lives and especially their children's.

The traces of our forebear's journeys are everywhere here, from recent times to the far distant past. 

In this townland was found a Bronze Age golden earring thought to be from the Iberian Peninsula - modern day Spain and Portugal.

The Benraw Gold Ornament now in the National Museum Dublin

That's a legacy of creativity stretching back 4,000 years! 

We feel that that's what we're up to right now, following in that great endeavour, just as our forebears.

We were lucky enough to mull over these thoughts with Anne-Marie McAleese on Your Place And Mine on Radio Ulster, in an interview aired last Saturday.

It was made the day after our Benraw Creative Convivium, and we were exhausted but exhilarated, as you will hear if you take a listen:

Turnip House on Radio Ulster's Your Place And Mine