Saturday, May 18, 2013

A Little Gem near the Long Stone

in the 1970's an eccentric designer and inventor (I can't remember his name I'm afraid) built himself a house near Annalong in the Kingdom of Mourne. He wanted to build it on a turntable, so that he could align it to the sun as it moved through the day - very New Age, and a great idea! Unfortunately practicalities precluded this - (as did the realisation of his 'concept aircraft', where lift and descent were determined by the clever positioning of bales of straw!)

He built his house on stilts instead.

On a stunning sunny evening last week, I found it again. 

Roofless, sad an empty, it still resonates with eccentric charm - and beauty

peeping out - a wall pillar

above the door 'The White House Annalong'

decorated round window

detail of window surround

despite the lack of roof, remarkably intact

looks like he's just stepped out to to a message

living room fireplace

the back kitchen, with salt - and roof timbers!

living room- and intruder

small change, still sitting on the mantelpiece



front door detailing

living room window - note the sea through the other one

painted doorway

I have no idea what this is!

positively Mediterranean

no garden is complete without a concrete kangaroo.....

or two!

our very own Gaudi!!

I think this should be preserved for posterity

thanks to Google, here's a picture in happier times - with a roof, c.2008