Sunday, July 22, 2012

A Tantalising Clue

Whilst building walls (yes, yet more) we were looking for gate brackets to hold the little iron gates beside the composting toilet. We're moving them so that visitors don't have to open and close gates to get to the toilet, and so that there is a clearer delineation of public and private space in that area.

So, we needed two heavy duty pieces of metal with holes in them to hold the gates, and found this in the salvage yard: Not sure what function it had, or where it was found, but it looked a likely candidate. 

 On closer inspection, the two bars hanging down looked familiar:

They were two pieces of the same item - a 'crane' from traditional fireplace:

Here are a couple in situ, in our old fireplace at Trassey:

It's possible that this piece of ironwork came from another place, but more likely that this is part of an original fireplace on the site.

Could it be possible that underneath the closed in fire in the kitchen:

 there is a fireplace like this? Time will tell!