Friday, January 30, 2015

The Felting Studio - Part 4: To Work!

We left the story with all the major 'structural' work complete, walls taken down, new ones built, windows and roof fitted and joining doorway complete.

After a spot of painting, it was time to tidy up the walls and put in the services.

T & G cladding for the walls

nice new shelving to gather all our yarns together

ceiling cladding - MDF whiteboard and weathered roof laths

cupboards and worktop - studding and insulation

studding out - with lath mainly

first fix electrics

look at all those lovely colours!

John on the roof making the hole for the flue
the first fire!

assembling work for Elaine's Show

you can see the lovely neatness of the stud wall and toungue & groove

Ladies from Moira are the first felters in the new studio

with fantastic results
this space is big enough to undertake big projects - like this full length coat

plenty of modern lighting, but we've kept as much of the lovely timber work as possible
you need plenty of flat surface, as pre-felting, everything is extra large

taking shape Kay!
So, after a long haul, and a great deal of 'mission creep', we have a beautiful space that enables us to create wonderful things, with our friends. All thanks to the gift of some windows. 

Thank you Tracy & Jimmy we hope you'll love what we've done when you come back from Florida!