Saturday, November 12, 2011

Starlings and Kites

A beautiful day today - feels like a different planet to yesterday (gales and downpours) I stood out at dusk to look for murmurations of starlings going by.

unusual clouds as the sun went down

There were a few flocks passing by, 

and I saw a Red Kite on the horizon, probably heading home too .
Out of focus I know, but still captures the grace

complete with Starlings!

And was rewarded by a pretty good sunset

from pastels ....

to vivids, all in a few minutes - a Benraw Sunset

Outback Chic

We've renewed the roof on what will become The Gallery - a bigger space where we can hold larger workshops, have a bigger tea room, and have space for display.

A very exciting prospect - needs holes for doors and windows, doors, windows, floor,s water and electricity all by Easter 2012!

A useful side effect, part of our 'make do and mend' culture, the old tin sheet has made a very secure 'skirt' for the caravan. It felt really stable in last night's storm.

Outback Chic - crude but functional; there's insulation behind that as well.
Will look much tidier after a lick of paint

old roof stripped off and walls built up
New roof; old gable taken down, composting toilet roofed as well!