Monday, July 04, 2011

Celtic Jewellery

further to my musings earlier, last night we had a visit from Frances, who brought us more of her beautiful delicate Celtic earrings - perfect gifts or souvenirs:

We have a really nice collection of them now, great

pretty shiny things!

scattered over the barbecue slab!

Turnip House Celtic designs

People have been asking about the designs that we put on our sweaters and hats.

When we started knitting 24 years ago, we were always motivated by the patterns on the garments whether 'traditional' Fair Isle, our own bright poster art creations or the ornament of the Celtic peoples and their predecessors here on the Western edge of Europe.

Celtic ornament is one of the world's great artistic legacies. It can be found on stone carving wood, metal ,leather and stone, adorning practical and precious objects.

Many of the motifs are with us still transmogrified by modern interpretation. We are doing something similar

Over time, we have specialised in these six designs, but new ones move in and out of focus from time to time.

the origin and inspiration of our most popular designs