Thursday, October 17, 2013

Re-roofing. Day One

At last that time has come where we start to pay respect to our fine old house. Replacement of the roof has begun.

But first... that old one has to go!

Thanks to great work from our builders, the roof has been stripped of slates and least 80% saved, furniture has been spirited out of the upstairs windows, final measurements taken and the timber and other materials have been ordered.

All on Day One - whew!

now that looks like the business

ridge tiles off cleanly - and the slates too

perfect vantage point - above the roof

many slates could just be lifted off by hand

some slippage, but these were the lucky ones!

a tight squeeze at times

nearly finished the front

80 percent down intact - amazing!

now for the back

all cleared

gives you some idea of the reach

all clear at the back