Thursday, February 27, 2014


Another wonderful day - bright blustery showery - full of energy!

As the days lengthen and the months of the coming year begin to fill with exciting prospects, a great step was taken today.

We began to re-slate the roof of the main house. After complete renovation of the roof structure, including up to the minute, state of the art steel beams (!) After over 30 years of decay, the roof begins to take on its stone mantle.

A small beginning, but getting the set-out right is all, now we will be flying!

in glorious synchronicity, the garden bursts with new growth

evening sunshine - February light

wonderfully green

our diminutive cherry tree another winter almost over, prepares for spring


a new plot of daffodils ready their charms

our poor greenhouse, on the brink, but plans are in place for rescue!

pussy willow; Slievenaboley

new beginnings! Slievenaboley behind

beautiful stones

we are inordinately excited by this small change!

14 X 24's - high class slates