Monday, July 08, 2013

26 Degrees

The hottest weather we have had since moving up to Benraw, a trip round the garden shows the effect of the sun and heat - wonderful!

The Turnip House Courtyard; scene of a great family party yesterday and looking resplendent in the sunshine

a forest of foxgloves

wise move charlie!

potato patch and greenhouse -

an abundance of beans - broad and runner

broad bean pods coming

under planted with beetroot

potato flowers - not long until harvest

harvested onions 

one of our few surviving Alder trees

through the grasslands

a fuchsia taken from cuttings, now thriving

sadly, I think we've lost this wee oak

a foxglove across the fence miraculously survives the herbicide spray!

across to the greenhouse

sweet peas

our old favourite

fuchsia and foxglove - a great combination

gallery, slide, sun canopy foxglove - summer!

tropaeolum  in the front garden


making hay whilst the sun shines

our old implements, with fennel against the wall