Wednesday, June 29, 2011


As we mentioned yesterday, had a lovely day out with Eleanor yesterday - she is now nine months old - hard to believe that means we've been here for that time!

ready for action!

Hillsborough Fort

the church from within the ramparts

Hillsborough Church

I'm loving this day out!

go for it

Eleanor at 9 months

The International Space Station and the Docked Space Shuttle Endeavour

It's sad to think that the Space Shuttle will soon be no more - consigned to museums.

Sounds like the green contradiction it is I know, but having been weaned at my Father's side on the Science Fiction Book Club, it's hard not to be seduced by the courage, romance and optimism of Space exploration.

The Secret Garden, Hillsbrough

We were out with Eleanor today, went around Hillsborough Castle and Fort - lovely.

Find of the week however was the Secret Garden in Hillsborough.

a truly enormous walled garden - one of many here!

As it says on the Hillsborough Village Website:

One of Hillsborough's best-kept secrets is the aptly named Secret Garden. Situated in what was once the kitchen garden of Hillsborough Castle. This delightful little Cafe is a real treat. Run by staff and trainees from Praxis their home made soups are a pleasure. Sandwiches and Paninis made fresh to order. Home made scones and cakes compliment the taste experience. All this combined with reasonable prices make this the place to stop for tea, coffee or lunch
We spent some time wandering the gardens, had really good coffee tea and scones, and enjoyed the welcome and service from the friendly staff - and came home with a very striking hanging basket!

Check out the Praxis Care website for more on what they do