Sunday, April 29, 2012

Solstice Follies

Now that we've determined the Gallery as the point of entry for visitors, our plans for landscaping have been drastically modified. Instead of coming in at the lower gate, into the Turnip House Courtyard, visitors will be using the upper gate and car park, and coming round to the upper gallery entrance.

Turnip House Courtyard
 It makes more sense. However this means that all the tidying up of the old fallen down garage, and it's environs have to be done now rather than later!
Upper Courtyard
The area inside and around what was once a fine garage will have to be cleared and our ideas for a Zen garden and infinity pool carried forward.

This bit of fun & folly came out of a brainstorming afternoon whilst walking our acres, planning what on earth to do with it all.

Now we'll have to do it for real!

infinity pool in the making
 The infinity pool consists of 3 shallow raised pools, each dropping into the next. It's alignment, determined relative to the walls around it, points up to Slievenaboley, where the sun sets in Summer.

the new entrance via the Gallery
this is the angle the sun makes at the moment
Wouldn't it be great if the sun sets right at the end of the pool on the longest day? 

Fantasy indeed!

sunset 28th April -  7 weeks to solstice
Frank's Cattle catch the last rays