Monday, July 01, 2013

June in the Garden

We are now open every day in July and August.

I've been updating the website with pictures of the garden in June.

It's coming on. So I thought I'd share them on the blog:

Aliums looking great for a second year

May blossom - in June! Slieve Bearnagh behind

Eleanor on her holidays

there were precious few foxgloves on the site when we came, we are hosting a recovery

a swam of buttercups - and stormy skies this month

abundance down by the riverside


our saplings now much taller than the grass

Elaine & Eleanor outside the Gallery

Red Kite - seen most days, rarely caught on camera!

solstice sunset - almost - 19th June behind Sievenaboley

misty evening

cloud boils over the mountains

Furby; always an attraction

the far seat in the grasslands

wild flowers beginning to recolonise - this is Lady's Smock

Frank's cows enjoying the sun

apple blossom and mountains

the heron - a regular visitor

a happy wee girl at the Far Seat