Sunday, December 19, 2010

Frozen Turnips!

As I type this, the sun has gone down an hour ago and it is -8.3 degrees C outside.

This is quite challenging and we are treating very seriously this 'cold snap' and what it could do to us. We have not been out in the car since Thursday, but luckily we did heed the weather warnings, and did a very big shop on Wednesday, including things for Christmas Day (although we hope we are not snowbound until then) so we have enough provisions in, which takes the pressure off.
We are also blessed by very good neighbours, who from far and wide have checked in on us and offered assistance - really touching considering we are only newcomers.
There are no gritter or snow machines out here to clear the roads, however a massive 'Tonka Toy'  loader came up yesterday and dumped a big pile of salt and grit for us to self administer on the roads.
In the Mobile it is possible to get warm enough - especially when there is a big roast in the oven- a great excuse!

Eleanor's well-being is of course our focus, and thank goodness, she is continuing to thrive, and delight us all.

I'm sitting on Grandad's knee, and I've got Furby as my very own hot water bottle!

I'm in safe hands

Sunday Walk 19 December

Flight across the snow.

Did not need to go far to get fresh air and snowy views today! It was a gentle slither up the Dromara Road, actually much safer and more restful than normal. without the traffic.

Like it must have been 100 years ago!

The New Turnip house - waiting for action

Icicle on Frank's barn like dragons teeth

Our house looks almost habitable with snow on the roof!

The junction of the Lighthouse Road - pretty tricky stuff

We had an audience

Moonrise over Benraw

Winter Shadows