Monday, December 06, 2010

Winter Animals

Like most of the UK winter has a grip on the land.

This morning we woke up to temperatures of -5 C and the sun was beaming brightly. I've not seen such a day since I was in Austria 35 years ago.

Our various creatures are doing their best to get what they need to survive.

One of two robins share the garden

Molly in a winter wonderland - I don't think she is all that impressed!

Furby: "I'm cold and I want in NOW!"

A Great Tit garnering much needed energy from the peanuts

A Blue Tit sits in the queue!

I know there's grass here somewhere

The ground has been frozen for over a week now;
the ice crystals have grown so big they look like diamonds sown across the field

Charlie: I can be a pony too!