Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Snow Scenes

We had temperatures on minus 9 degrees C last night - one of the coldest November on record. What a time to be living in a mobile home!

Still, our water did NOT freeze,and the insulation round the caravan helped to make it a reasonable night - so all us well - at the moment.

Our reward is the stunning snow scene

The silhouetted trees against the mist down the valley

two red kites swooping in the twilight

'snow devils' on Commedagh

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Early Snows

Like many other places we've had an early start to the cold weather, with temperatures as low as minus 3 degrees C at night. 

Not as much snow as many others though, but we had enough last night to transform the Mournes

Friday, November 19, 2010


I've been meaning to catalogue the delights of our place - like the doors blog in September.

The structures and materials are a source of intrigue and delight; the construction, wear and decay has left a unique record of place.

This is hopefully just an early montage of what it means to me.


On Tuesday evening we had torrential rain - all night, We woke to a river running through the front garden - and into the kitchen. It's not that there is any work done to the house as yet, but it still is scary to see even more potential damage. 

The water was flowing from the road - running down like a river. 

Nothing to do but get stuck in and try to divert the water away form the house, and into the drains.

An hour of soaking, cold work and all was well - and still not as bad as barrowing stones up the Trassey Lane!

Pictures a bit burred - it was v. early and I was feeling a bit blurred myself!

The River

The Flood

In Through The Front Door!

The river at the bottom of our filed - in full flood

Children In Need

Well done to all of Elaine's Helen O'Grady Drama Academy Studio stars who raised £442 for Children In Need this week.

We were taking our part - wearing the spots!

Elaine, Eleanor and Kate: Ready for action!

I've got my Pudsey!

It's been a long, happy day

Monday, November 15, 2010

The Windy Gap Pad

Recently we went for a Sunday walk!

Not something we've done for quite a while what with one thing and another(!)

The Windy Gap, a nick in Slievenaboley Mountain is 1.1 miles up the hill from us. There are spectacular views of the County Down countryside in every direction.

It was a bright sharp day. we were well rewarded for our efforts:

looking across mid Down towards County Armagh
Fantastic clouds looming over the Dromara Hills

The Windy Gap Pad

Cave Hill, beyond Belfast

The Distant Mournes against the horizon

A patchwork of fields - and an unusual view of Legananny Dolmen

Our frequent companion - The Red Kite

You can find the Windy gap pad Here:

View Larger Map

Mournes by SamCampbell

Looks familiar!

I have a Google alert for 'Mournes' and this came up today - check out this picture of the Mournes by Sam Campbell - beautiful

Not a bad job on the house either!