Friday, October 01, 2010

Catch Up - what have we been up to?

Well how remiss to not post for so many days - that's not the point of a blog I know, but We have an excuse dear reader. We are now Grandparents! Read on for more ...

Diary of events at Turnip House for the last xxx days

8 September Strapping Down

Christy and Paddy levelled and strapped down the mobile - really skilful and patient work turned our tin box on wheels into a potential home! Now we can begin to fit out inside

belts and braces - we're not going anywhere!

9 September Decorators`

Painting all day - finished in the evening; now looking really good

clean - and bright

10 September - Road cutter

We have to run electricity to the mobile - and the recommended way is underground, for safety. All that lies between us and underground is an indeterminate depth  of concrete. So, we got road cutter delivered from Duggans Hire Centre Maghera, and John and Niall set about cutting groove for electicity and telephone wire 

- great concrete! all we need now is a Kangol Hammer!

11 September

The concrete was so good - 5 inches thick in places, that plan A to prise the stuff away with cold chisel and wrecking bar was a no hoper. So, Duggans to the rescue - Kangol Hammer duly arrived. Kangolled all day - trench now ready....

That night we stayed in the mobile home- Our first meal at home - Beef stroganoff and Champ with bubbly - superb!

Spent the night, cold and a bit damp but exhilarated

12 September

A day (mostly) of rest. Repaired guttering on mobile home - should be drier now!

Garden planning begins (more to follow)

Our Inspiration

13 September moving again!

We brought some of our old furniture from it's home of 6 months in Rathfriland, brilliant to see it once more the right way up and in place!

Kate taken in to hospital - now the pressure is on!

14 September

all a blur, seem to remember lots of travelling, and snatched food

15 September

spent alot of time round here - the rainbow presages momentous events
16 September Arrivals day:

  1. electricity connected
  2. telephone and broadband connected
  3. Eleanor born 

Elaine and Eleanor, day1

17 September
Back in the ordinary world, we got the fridge installed plus more 'things' from Rathfriland!

18 September

19 September
Breakfast at home

Brought Kate and Eleanor out of hospital

20 September
Connected waste pipes;

Eleanor's first visit home splendid!

21 September - The Outbuildings

We are lucky to have a legacy of many farm buildings - in many shapes and sizes and various stages of decay, from 'OK' to "look out"! 

Adjacent to the Turnip house are the piggeries the ones with the beautiful iron 'pig proof doors'. These will do us fine for shed and washroom type needs. 

Today We cut a doorway for washroom access at the back of piggery no. 2. We hired (thanks to Duggans) a diamond tipped saw to glide through the concrete block, but puny as I am, I could not get the thing started! So resorting the the favoured tool of the trade - sledgehammer-  I battered my way through without too much trouble. At least this block work was not of the same standard as the concrete yard!

what - another door?

22 September

'Real' work for John and Elaine - no visit to site!

23 September new water pump installed 

The well looks so good, that we thought we would try using it first (with obvious precautions regarding it's purity). 

So we bought a water pump from Combined Harvesters - This sits suspended in the well and turns on when a tap is opened, and off when the flow stops. It is electronically controlled, with self priming, overheat and dry protection and seems to be more or less 'fit and forget'  Niall and John spend the day installing it, and now we have water  in the home! 

A few leaks and kitchen tap to sort out, but that's another step complete. All services (except gas) now ready.

get your water from the well - old and new style

24 September

To Armagh to register Eleanor - and also to pick up new taps for kitchen!

26 September Castle Vets

Castle Veterinary practice in Castlewellan celebrated their 20th year today - we were invited to exhibit our produce. A great day was had by all, perfect 'garden party' weather with plenty of fun and craic, loads of people for Eleanor to be shown off too!

fire on the mountain, Sunday morning