Thursday, March 24, 2011

turning 60

60 ahead?

I've got to share some great thoughts from our dear friend Roz about the next impending 'big birthday' not that she's anywhere near it yet. 

She says:

"However I’ve still got 10 years to go to live up to the following:

Now I am Sixty

  • I shall wear purple hats and spend all my money on chocolate.  I shall collect ancient books and cultivate English roses.  
  • I shall stay up till two writing witty letters to my friends using curious words like “zounds”, “cotillion”, and “flabbergast”.
  • I shall eat the bluest Stilton and drink the finest port.  I shall dance all night and sew sunsets of silken fragments.
  • I shall buy Christmas crackers and sing silly songs (to make up for the gravity of my youth).
  • I shall go to Cornwall just to watch the surf then visit village inns and always take the best seat by the fire.
  • I shall take to carrying a silver topped cane, just to whack any car that dares to cross my path.
  • I shall always pause to hear the bell-ringers ring the changes and tell my friends never, under any circumstance, to worry about getting older."

That's the spirit!

Inch Abbey

John took Eleanor to Inch Abbey near Downpatrick today - spring in the air and the beauty of the stones warm in the setting sun.

this history stuff is fun!

Charlie had great fun charging round the walls and through the reeds by the Quoile river, we went round and round a few times, communing with the stones.

just a quick catch up

and home for tea!

Charlie gets some careful attention from Furby - what a star - both of them!
(pic thanks to Kate)