Monday, May 07, 2012

Tongue and Groovy

Wet and wild outside - no problem! 
We lit a big fire in the stove, and set to panelling out the last part of the south window wall.
Now it looks like we're getting somewhere!

tongue and groove right up to the fireplace

those bolts hold a massive gate on the other side

the mountains in sunshine this evening 
lovely shapes and colours

the fireplace in it's surroundings

this side almost finished


Thanks Julie, our good friend from Maghera who kindly donated 3 hazel trees to the fold. We planted them yesterday:

standing proud at the top of the hill

greening up the 'street'

beautiful black tulips in the little flowerbed, with our magnolia in full bloom behind
a stunning showing

Charlie supervises as usual!

not sure what she's up to!

this once was a football

sunflowers planted in the water tank flower bed

the river of currants - green and (hopefully) bountiful