Sunday, February 09, 2014

February at Last!

January can be a difficult month.

  • winter festivities are over
  • the new year has begun
  • great plans and resolutions are made, yet,
  • events seem to scheme against achievement
  • bad weather
  • short days
  • low energy
  • little seems to get done

At last, thanks to our great team of friends, we get stuck in clearing outside the gallery, in preparation for Easter and the good times ahead.

beautiful signs of the New Year - snowdrops; flowering here since the times of our predecessors,
so well over 50 years 

the task ahead: all removed from the house during renovation.
No skips, no landfill, just repurposing.
This will be the new terrace

Help arrives

a glorious morning, one of the precious few this year

our very own mountain - at least 10 tons of it!

the team - ready to go!

buried treasure - found in the heap - a perfectly preserved handkerchief; souvenir of Scotland

getting stuck in

Charlie, helping out in his own inimitable style!

meanwhile: exquisite hazel flowers. There may be nuts!

Our poor greenhouse, much damaged by the storms, now roped down for protection

not much glass intact

buried treasure: a 1920 old penny
sorted and cleared - fantastic

a very well deserved cup of tea - thanks Caroline, Georgie and Paul,
we couldn't have done it without you!!

Pride of Place - our new photo montage, thanks to Caroline

it actually looks like we're making a difference

when this is finished, it will give us a terrace with spectacular views
Sunset - a warm glow all round

the Moon portends a chilly night -
definitely one to be chilling beside the stove!