Monday, May 20, 2013

Greenhouse Wrangling: Part Two

After weeks of snow, rain, gales and floods, a few 'better' days have enabled us to get back on to putting up the greenhouse kindly donated by Mary & Gary.

We plan to use it to extend the vegetable growing season. It seems likely that we'll be experiencing similar kinds of weather up here for the foreseeable future, so extra help in terms of heat and shelter will only help!

As with all things, we must start at the bottom:

first the hole - a lot bigger than first planned!

plenty of nice soil though

one greenhouse kit!

the plinth - for stability, and to weigh it down!

is this level (answer: no it is not!)

these guys are waiting for a new home

and us

growing s started now, the pressure is on

plinth finished

the slope was also greater than expected!

building day one - the first upright piece

the first gable - all smiles!

"reckon it might work you know"

looking good

major structure is up

sorting out the strengtheners

what a team!
So we're now more or less complete with the frames, just some angle supports to add - they were added as an extra by Gary when he put it up, and will be vital here too!

In the next few days, we'll be ready for the glazing.