Wednesday, July 25, 2012

A Happy Anniversary

It's our 3st Wedding Anniversary today, and as ever, we count our lucky stars!

We celebrated last night, in Newcastle having a great Indian meal with Helen (it was her birthday, so much cheer).

Today, at home, we continued the festivities by:

1. Having bacon butties and fried potato bread for brunch - yum!

2. Mowing the lawn:
the picnic lawn, looking great

3. Digging up an enormous stone that had grown overnight in the vegetable plot:
really no idea how that got there, but it wasn't for moving!

4. Laying another ton of stones and 7 more paving slabs to complete the wheelchair- friendly entrance to the gallery:
a smooth slope
Here's more pictures taken this evening - it has been a great day

the 'Bingham Arch' - a work in progress

Ron's (Elaine's Dad) Sculpture takes pride of place at the entrance
the railway sleeper bench, now in place

Great cloud formations this evening
We are now self sufficient in flowers for the tea room tables - these are sweet peas growing along the Green Lane
candidate for most-taken-picture: today's setting sun illuminating the Mourne wall at the Hare's gap

Just a regular day at the Turnip house really!