Tuesday, April 05, 2011

Egg Production in 1967

Whilst clearing out the house we've found the receipts from Annie Stevenson's egg production in the late 1960's.

a slice of farming history: dockets from 44 years ago, on a wire
In the week of 21st December 1967 Annie's chickens produced 22 dozen eggs - pretty good for  mid winter!

January 1968. Still producing well. 

Our hens generally stop laying from November to February, so to have production in the winter months requires extra measures. The hens were probably kept in one of the outbuildings - now gone. Keeping them under cover would have helped with productivity.

Elaine reckons that Annie could have had up to 50 hens to produce this rate of eggs, in winter, when they will probably only be laying every other day.

This is another priceless insight to life in on the farm which is now our home.

Our two producers - one a day each at the moment!

Complete with Cockerel - who knows he may come in useful sometime!