Sunday, August 12, 2012

Newcastle promenade yarn-bombed

Some lively yarn-related goings on in the town this morning!

Newcastle promenade yarn-bombed « newcastle rocks:

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2nd Anniversary

It's two years to the day that we completed the purchase of 64 Dromara Road - and what a time it's been. So much done and yet the time seems to have flown. We were so excited that first day.

From the initial clearing of the site, to moving the mobile home in, starting the gardens, renovating the Turnip House Workshop, and now finishing the Gallery, it's been non stop 'doing'.

Still, the enthusiasm has not waned, we're just as excited and full of plans as we were then. 

Parts of the project are more or less realised, (or at least in a usable condition). 

So along with the anticipation of what's to come, we can enjoy what we've achieved.

Now that's an even happier state of being!