Friday, June 10, 2011

The Picnic Lawn

The forecast was set fair for this morning, so we planned to mow the 'lawn' (it's getting there!) and create paths around the field.

Went down to our good friends Duggan Plant Hire in Maghera looking for a mower and a brush cutter. When we said what we were doing, the guy said "what about a flail?" Once seen - it was a no brainer!

all tooled up and ready to go!
Not very green to get in all this petrol guzzling hardware, but we have to start somewhere, and aim to reduce our inputs as and when we can.

the lawn is smoother already!

wait till you see what this beast can do!

over 4 feet of nettles - first cut

the garden paths take shape

incredible munching power!

After nine months of walking the field, we've begun to mark out the shape of things to come. All at once it now becomes a place, not just a field. Areas delineated by the paths now suggest themselves, as tree glade, wild flower meadow or fruit garden.

Now we feel we really have begun the garden project. Here's to the next 20 years!

new ground for the chickens

we've now got six layers ....

and a magnificent cockerel!