Thursday, October 24, 2013

Clearing The Decks

The devastation of demolition is behind us now, and we prepare to erect the scaffolding for the builders - yes builders!

All is ready, subject to building control approval for a start next week.

Here's a review of what we've got left to build on!

great view through the doorways

a  hidden find on the back of the door - old airplane stickers - anyone know their provenance?

not only tongue and grooved wooden ceilings, but walls as well. We hope to conserve enough to re do at least one room

Charlie is tired out by all his supervision!

amazing linoleum flooring

and lovely door furniture

the view from bedroom one across the upstairs sitting room to bedroom two - can you see that?

perhaps we should just leave the roof off!

lovely flat firm wall topping, ready for the ring beam

and on the floor, even after demolition and clearing up - a little white disc....

A Bambi button. Disney rules!!