Saturday, April 19, 2014

The Terrace

We're great believers in making the best use of our assets; of these, a couple of the most important are our great, willing friends, and our stunning views of the Mournes: the main reason why people love to come here.

The view, just over the wall, you  couldn't see it if you sat down!
You may remember that we vowed to keep and reuse everything that we could from the renovation works. Well one of the less attractive 'assets' produced by the recent reconstruction of the house has been many tons of rubble. 

Thanks to the happy conjunction of the topography of the site, and some great thinking and effort by friends, we have almost completed a new terrace outside the Gallery.

This provides a new focus to the outdoor space, linking the Gallery to the Garden and the views beyond, and providing a magnificent space to sit and take it all in.

We've not met our self imposed deadline of finishing it by Easter, but it's nearly there, and at least you can see what we're getting at!

Much thanks and appreciation is due to Caroline & Paul, Ian, Gemma, Chloe &  Lynne for the great 'push' last weekend that got us here.

the beginnings of the heap

wonderful stuff!

the seemingly endless sorting out
filling in the low lane

finally, the 'heap' is gone!
the compactor plate makes a difference

hand-built slope up to the Gallery

laying out the circle

an essential bit of kit!

more shovelling


and tipping

but clean, new stones now

surveying the scene!

new flower beds

meanwhile.. lunch!

the great link

well done team!

Now that's more like it. Down to the Picnic Lawn - and beyond!
looking back