Thursday, April 19, 2012

Making Ready

Today has been a more focussed, better day. Having been initially daunted by the unglamorous work of clearing out  all the accumulated bits and pieces - both relevant and irrelevant, it was time to gradually get stuck in.

This morning started wild and wet - a great excuse to sit in the warm with Charlie on my lap (well. his head anyway!) and finish reading Ireland a Novel by Frank Delaney

"Warm, intelligent, and unapologetically nostalgic... Delaney is as much in love with the art of storytelling as he is the story's subject." - Christian Science Monitor (Boston, MA) March 15, 2005

I enjoyed it very much. and would recommend it to all. 
As I finished, the skies cleared and it looked like a good afternoon, so I set to work.

First, the 'stuff'. Triage was in order:

  • to be cleaned and put into (another) store
  • to be cleaned and kept for imminent use in the gallery
  • to be chucked out
I spent most of the day at this task, and the consolidation and organisation felt good. 

I also:
  • fitted the phone to the gallery (so you can ring me and I've no excuse not to pick up your call!)
  • did more washing
  • collected and labelled the eggs
  • fed various animals
So, all is ready for the floor to be laid tomorrow - an early start I think!

Damp - the outside wall is only single skin here - that we can remedy

water is seeping un under the door - some 'tanking' outside is required

this is what it's all about -