Friday, March 18, 2011

Charlie's Operation

We had a bad scare: Charlie swallowed an open safety pin!

How on earth?

Well don't know if you've heard of bickie pegs, they are teething biscuits (that Eleanor uses). They come with a safety pin at the other end so that Eleanor doesn't loose or swallow it

Nobody told Charlie... when he saw it - biscuit on one end - death on the other!

Still, thank goodness we were there to see it. After two and a half hours of expert surgery from our friends at Castle Veterinary Group, a night on the drip, much TLC and a lot of anxious moments, all is well now.

it's still a bit drafty though!

Let that be a lesson to us - no more 'safety' pins!


snow on the mountains - just like March 2010

The floor is in the workshop

Much excitement, we can now begin the final fitting out stage of the Turnip House, as the floor was expertly laid on Tuesday, and looks fine. Happy days!

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