Monday, April 04, 2011

Mother's Day

Today after some years, we were again years celebrating two Mothers in the family. As is right and proper, Motherhood moved down the generations, so Kate as well as Elaine now hold that honourable position.

It's my Mum's first Mother's day!

To mark the day, we forsook our 'hell for leather' renovation of the Turnip House for some future building: in the garden.

As we have not yet got to the greenhouse 
(we've decided to build our own much more fun, but... takes time!)
we cleared the space for the future greenhouse- leaning against this wall

looking to the south, it will get the sun most of the day

  In the meantime, we've cleared out and patched up the back porch of the house to act as a temporary potting shed.

tidied up the outside

nice space - and a sink for the compost!

the very fine - but totally woodwormed living room table is perfect for holding pots and things

we patched the roof to the porch - our first work on the house proper. Pity this is the bit we'll be taking down!
As we said before, we cleared an awful lot of plant stuff from around the place in September and October, and composted it against the back walls. Some of this is already OK to use:

saves a lot of peat bogs!

beautiful stuff!

the compost heap - with a mighty fine view!

a red kite - one of our daily companions