Monday, October 11, 2010

The Clear October Air

We've had days of mist and low visibility - no mountains, but every change in the view brings forward new parts to observe, that would be hidden or overwhelmed at other times

no mountains but a parade of great trees
 Today saw a change - with blue skies and razor sharp light:

This morning - a misty start had intimations of the beautiful day to come
Our new neighbours enjoying some October sun!
Trees on the slope above show signs of Autumn

Sunset - cold and sharp

good omens for tomorrow


Our pots of flowers and shrubs have been carefully nurtured up at Clonachullion many thanks to Mary & Daniel.

We are beginning to move them across to their new home, and already can feel the difference a bit of greenery can bring.

together again! we've put them in the shelter of the house for the moment

Our own friend the  robin supervises from the roof. I hope he treads carefully - that slate has no visible means of support!

We bought this Magnolia Stellata for our 25th wedding present,  now planted again in its new home - looks like it was made for it

a glimpse down the valley