Saturday, November 09, 2013

What a Week!

In the two weeks after taking off what passed for a roof,it has rained for 9 days. Not un-typical for this time of year, but rather unhelpful!

But the for the last six days the Weather Gods have smiled on us, allowing our builders to work a miraculous transformation.

What was a battered and denuded shell has been restored to a solid, balanced structure, better than before!

timber bolted on to the steel beams, to hold the rafters

meanwhile, inside!
the gable re-built.You can see the padstone for the steel, and the lead 'tray' which covers the chimney keeping the damp out

red letter day, putting up the first beam!

flues lined and walls rebuilt

where old meets new, the wall plate


a beam in place

now, is that not a handsome sight?

a thing of beauty

and some rafters as well

cold crisp mornings

and quite a frost

Slieve Bernagh

The mighty Willow begins to turn