Thursday, March 01, 2012

Mowing in March!

It's 1st March 2012 and we've mowed the lawn - amazing!

We were out most of the day in Downpatrick, playing tourists mainly! our car was having it's dashboard panel replaced as it kept on blacking out - not fun!

Thanks to Renault and Mckibbin Motors of Clough, a job that should have costs around £600 cost us £150. Not what we had budgeted for, but still, a bright new instrument panel that won't let us down is worth it - and they cleaned the car too!

When we got back, the sun was still shining so we mowed the lawn, it's been dry and mild for a few days, and the grass was long. Hopefully, we'll have good (but no too dry) weather up to Easter!

the picnic lawn rises again!
Charlie checks out the shorter grass and entertains himself chewing a plastic bottle!

As the evening was so good, Elaine worked on preparing our latest flower bed - the old water tank -

Elaine hard at work with the compost.

 It now sits in a place of glory, ready for the Acidanthera 150 bulbs that we ordered from J Parker's

should give a brilliant display July to September: will keep you posted! 

the last rays of sunlight catches Luke's Mountain

the moon is up tonight