Monday, May 06, 2013

Sour Dough - The Results!

Well, thanks to all who came round today - old friends and new, who by accident or design got to taste the new sourdough bread baked fresh this afternoon.

Thankfully, all reviews were very positive.

well worth getting up at dawn for.

It will be on the menu!

clouds rising....

bread rising

ready to sample!

well sampled - glad it's nearly five - or there'd be none left for our tea!!

Come over next weekend for a real treat, we're open 11 am to 5 pm

Sour Dough

Thanks to the inspirational Paul Hollywood, and the gift of a 'Herman The German'  yeast culture, we've been experimenting with sourdough bread....

The result - absolutely fantastic!

To mark May Bank Holiday, we decided to share our experience with visitors to the gallery.

This afternoon we'll be baking and tasting sourdough loaf, all welcome.

Due to the unique nature of sourdough cultures, and the time in takes to prove, this entailed some difficult decisions this morning!
Dawn - well almost

Tiggy out on the prowl

washed dressed walked the dog - and it's still only 6:25 am - NOT bank holiday timing at all!

simple ingredients: strong white flour, yeast culture, salt water and oil for kneading

our 'Herman' yeast culture: modified as we do not feed him sugar

375g flour &  250g culture

see the bubbles of carbon dioxide - the raising agent
mix together with about 150ml tepid water
knead well for about 15 mins
becoming smooth and elastic
place in an oiled bowl and leave for 2 hours

doubled in size, lovely and shiny!
knocked back down to it's original size to remove the air bubbles

back in the bowl for about 6 hours rising

All set now for this afternoon - if you've never had sourdough bread - straight out of the oven - come on up. You're in for a treat!

approximate times:

2 pm - making and kneading another batch

3 pm - baking the one we made earlier

4 pm - tasting - yum!