Friday, May 25, 2012

Greenhouse: awaiting windows

We've finished the wooden part of the greenhouse - and are quite pleased with the result:

All it needs now are the windows. We've ordered them and are waiting expectantly.

More later!

The Front Garden - in flower May 2012

 To the front of the house is a remnant of a beautiful formal garden 45 feet square.
It was completely overgrown and impassable, but we have cleared much of it out, uncovering a layout of paths, and many relics of the plants that grew there.

As we'll be putting scaffolding up around the house to replace the roof, alot of the garden will not be redeemable until after that, but we have made our mark on one quarter of it, clearing away the roots and laying a lawn, with flowerbeds.

we've been rewarded these last few days with an increasing abundance of the aliums that we planted back in January

This evenings sunshine picked them out beautifully:

aliums, aqualigia (self set) and raspberry plants (likewise)

bursting out!

work in progress