Monday, June 23, 2014

June 2014

As we prepare to leave our patch and go to our daughter Kate's' Graduation in Cambridge, I thought we should give you a glimpse of the last few weeks here at Turnip House. It's been amazing!

mists and mountains

happy workers on the new wet  felt room

a welcome visit from the Fire service- for tea and cake thankfully!

in the magnificent tipi at Lackan Farm

poly tunnels abundant with growth at Lackan Farm


in the vegetable gardens

amazing creativity at a felt workshop

Happy feltmakers

new born swallows - picture taken under licence from NIEA

Delphiniums, mountains, amazing

true blues

Eleanor and Charlie - chilling out!

Summer evening
at Newcastle Playgroup Graduation

Moth in the grass

Solstice Sundown

Happy Hen Party

Beautiful paintings in the Gallery

after the Solstice party

the best view from a toilet!

Charlie on his lawn