Monday, April 23, 2012

A Year Ago

An occasional look at what things were like a year ago.

A different task today. The weather was good, if a cold start, so decided to strim and mow the acres. The outside of the garden at the roadside has not been touched and looks a mess.

This set me to thinking about what lawn we had a year ago. 
We certainly had no green in the Turnip house Courtyard.

The sub floor diggings from the Turnip House are in place, as are some of the magnificent stones that were just 'lying around' (from the sad demolition of the Threshing Barn - before our time), and the top of the wall has been cut and rebuilt as the barbecue table. 
Still very much a work in progress!

April 2011 - see we had the seats out anyway!

 By today, things are much more as we want them, Grass, the barbecue 'laying out' slab, and a nice little border at the back to give colour and disguise the wall.

April 2012
looking down to the picnic lawn this evening