Sunday, August 11, 2013

John & Charlie's Day Off

When I was 5, we moved to England when my father got a job as radio technician in RAF Henlow in Bedfordshire. I grew up looking forward to the annual Air Show - a little boy's dream.

So when I heard that an old favorite the Vulcan, would be flying at this year's Newcastle Airshow, I could not resist the chance to re-visit the joys of simpler times.

So I booked the day off (my boss is very kind!) and Charlie and I walked from Dolly's Brae outside Leitrim, through Castlewellan Forest Park, along The Newcastle Trail into town to enjoy the Show.

Here's a pictorial record of the day:

starting point: the car park at the top of Dolly's Brae

the lovely windy path in Castlewellan Forest Park

following the Newcastle Way

one of the enticing new cycle paths 

Castlewellan Lake, with Bearnagh looming behind

mature oaks and beech

Janus stone by Tasos Goikas

the glorious view from the Castle

picture perfect

the campsite is full

out of the park into town

Castlewellan on a busy Saturday

a brief detour to look at Drumadonnell Cross

a bit of road walking now

out of town, down to the sea

stunning views of the Mournes from the green lanes below Castlewellan

Charlie enjoying the walk

it's a rare treat around here to walk along country lanes

straight on to the road, left for more green lanes

interesting insect on the buddleia

the bridleway to Maghera

field with a view!

on reaching the main road - these are the queues leading into Newcastle

meanwhile, on our route, the view from Wildflower Lane

Charlie getting a much needed drink

and onto the road again

into the fray

Coast Guard helicopter and bird

resting in Newcastle

towards the crowds

reward, in The Anchor Bar

simpler times - on Castlewellan Lake