Monday, May 02, 2011

Barbecue place

These old bricks from the floor of the Turnip House find new life as support for the slabs.
Another fantastic day; strong winds, but warm sunshine. We set to work on the plinths for the barbecue table.This area at the lower end of the Turnip House courtyard gets the evening sun right to sunset.

We are thinking about doing barbecue evenings, if there is a demand for it.
When finished, this will be a great place for entertaining.

fires still burn in the Trassey Valley this evening; our old home

Plumes of smoke from Northern Ireland seen 700km above Earth - Northern Ireland, Local & National -

This remarkable picture courtesy of The Belfast Telegraph,


Plumes of smoke from Northern Ireland seen 700km above Earth - Northern Ireland, Local & National -

Trails of smoke across Northern Ireland, seen by the Aqua satellite yesterday, with sources of the fires outlined in red

The Mournes Ablaze

We're in the unfortunate position of being able to see all too clearly the fires - caused deliberately - on the Mournes these past few weeks.

As the Belfast Telegraph said:

Embattled firefighters have had to deal with more than 1,100 gorse fires in Northern Ireland in the last two weeks — a staggering 97% of which have been started deliberately

Read more:

smoke form the fires on Lamigan yesterday pour over Slievenaglogh
multiple fires on our side of the mountains this morning
this seems to be from the wood at the top of the Trassey Valley near Fofanny reservoir

Meanwhile life settles down in the New Turnip House, we are now open every weekend, and are delighted to say that people are finding us! Some of you who follow the blog have come down, and new visitors who just find us in passing.

We are heartened by all the lovely comments that we're getting, and are so pleased to have established 'base camp'. This gives us motivation to continue onwards!

In the pipeline for the next few months:

  • get making again!
  • build the composting toilet
  • start the vegetable beds
  • plant more trees
  • finish the barbecue area
  • get ready to replace the roof in the Big House!

Furby's just worn out by the thought of it all!

The red kite

another great sunny day