Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Replacing the roof - Day 5

Despite starting the roof renovation over a week ago, we've only had 5 days actual work on the job  mainly due to very wet weather.

We are not crestfallen however, what our superb builders have achieved is amazing:

We now have the roof off, the masonry and chimneys taken down to make ready for the steel and new building, and all the scaffolding up to enable this.

Yesterday an inspection by building control - the authority who determines what we can and can't do in the name of safe building method (and we're all in favour of that) gave us the thumbs up and the OK to proceed. 

Also, all the materials for the roof were delivered, so we are all set, brilliant.

The bricklayer comes tomorrow or the next day - he is busy too, which is a good sign - at the same time the roof timbers will be cut and the steel erected. Exciting prospects ahead!

the view from the deck

what would we do without this jolly green giant?

a new roof - kit!

look at he size of those steel ridge beams

conserved slates

and furniture

view from below

sadly. not everything will be salvageable

a very sad sight

what was once a sideboard

these will make the cut though!

our salvage yard - all tongue and groove wall and ceiling cladding - mostly good, it will be saved for reinstallation somewhere in the house
the guide rafters - new wood - the restoration has begun!

scaffolding all over

the living room settee and curtains

still beautiful

"So, what have you done with it?"

I am not in the slightest bit afraid of heights!!

homework and treasure