Monday, March 01, 2010


We are now residents of Newcastle County Down - Charlie gets his morning walk on the beach, and I get a coffee and breakfast from The Strand Cafe - life in style!

The mountains display all their grandeur in the snow today

These next few days we will spend acclimatising to our new life, and recovering from the move (after 22 years in one place we've forgotten how stressful it is and totally underestimated just how much 'stuff' we had accumulated).

We'll be doing Carlingford Food and Craft Fair on Sunday, the first of the year. This is a great opportunity for us to develop our Turnip House at Large strategy, we will be doing both food and craft at the Fair - Elaine and I will be there (as no-one needs to man The Turnip House Workshop any more) and we will have expanded, freshly cooked food offering - hopefully outside and all our craft products - with a few new things inside. More to follow...

Settling In 28 February 2010

After an unbelievably hectic week of moving out, with the snow against us - it snowed 3 inches or more three times last week, we finally finished moving all our stuff out on Sunday.

Furby Squeak and Tiggy, the cats, moved down with us to our temporary home with our friend in Newcastle As you can see, Furby immediately 'settled in' (big time!)