Tuesday, October 22, 2013

The Only Way is Up Now

After what amounts to only another day - it has been raining heavily for most of the intervening work days, we are just about at base level.

Our poor house had been bashed and thumped, torn and twisted, and now lies a shadow of it's former self.

It's quite shocking really. But mostly only the bits that were structurally weak and rain damaged came down. 

What stands now is a new beginning - let the renovations begin!

builders at large!

removing the timbers. Note the purlins on the 'new'roof c.1927. Not present on the older bays on the left

you can see traces of whitewash on this wall - evidence that this was once an outside wall

half way gone

a garden full of roof!

this chimney stack was a unstable as it looks

all timbers off

cutting back to a firm wall line

we're being specially careful with these lovely 'cartouches'

and an October poppy!
careful demolition of the dummy chimney

and... gone!

this is the kitchen range flue - note how wide it is