Saturday, October 08, 2011

The Month of Roofs

with any luck, October and November will see big changes to the character of the old buildings. Plans are afoot to renew the roofs on the main outbuildings - planned to the the gallery, and the House.

The House is a major undertaking, requiring much planning, materials and expertise, but hopefully we're nearly ready to start!. More of that later.

The Gallery will have a replacement corrugated iron or 'tin' roof. We have the materials, and work is due to start next week!

As ever, there is as much pre work as actual work. Today the sun is out (well for a couple of hours anyway!, so we are setting about clearing the area below the walls, for access and to preserve two beautiful railway sleepers.
what a job! believe it or not this has already been substantially cleared after the sad loss of a fine slate roof
(it blew down just before we got it) - not one slate has been found whole

the garage workbench- two fine railway sleepers probably from
Belfast and County Down Railway which was only 2 miles down the hill

still poised for action!

good omen

some 'rescued' artefacts - many more to come